Testimonials from happy quilters across the globe

The following are letters from happy customers from the US and UK, dating as far back as 1988. We appreciate feedback from customers, so if you have a question, comment or success story about one of our products, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at:

Dear House of Quilting:

In February, we were in the quilting shop in Gore, Oklahoma. The purchase of your Quilting and Hand Sewing Thimble was quite serendipity! It was quite interesting when I had seen the advertisements in the quilting magazines. It proved to be the delight that your ads indicated!

The purchase of one was not enough. Keeping one in my sewing room and in the den were a necessity. The one that I had has been LOST! HELP! My grandchildren have been visiting AND playing AND sewing! Please send me 2 more.

Sincerely & gratefully,

Jane B.
Augusta, GA

Dear Jean Adkins,

I have bought every device I could find and your �Hand Held Quilting Thimble� is the greatest! I have used it constantly since I got it at the 1990 Houston International Show. I can now quilt every day (without pain) if I wish to.


Ethel S.
Zephyr, TX

When I went to the International Quilt Festival last November, I bought your Finger Savers. It works great! It sticks well for several uses.

Thank you very much.

Kako K.
Bucks, UK

Dear Ms. Adkins,

I met you folks at the Creative Festival in W. Springfield, Mass. I love my new thimble. I watched a man quilt and he helped me a great deal (I believe he was Mr. Adkins). I love the tiny stitches I can get with it. That night I practiced until it felt comfortable. I hope to win something in the quilting category with an Amish quilt I�m working on now.

Unfortunately, after taking one of the Finger Savers out, I lost the package. I�m amazed that after 3 weeks it still sticks.

I just wanted to thank you for your product.

Thanks again,

Sue R.
Ascutney, VT

Many thanks for your rapid mailing of the Seam Gauges. After taking the one I purchased in Houston and ending with the only block that measured to accurate specifications, I easily made 20 converts!

I�m so thrilled at new entrepreneurs in the quilting field and wish you much success.

Betty Ann S.
Marietta, OH

Hello there,

I would like to place an order for you Finger Savers. What a miracle product!

I went to a quilting class and one of the ladies had been to a show and brought some �Finger Savers�. We all tried hers and are in love with it! I got the address from her and am now placing my order. I can�t wait for it to come so I can jump right back into my quilting.


Gay F.
Apple Valley, MN

Thank you�..your Finger Savers have made my quilting pain free!!

Marion B.
West Hills, CA

Dear Mrs Adkins,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love my new thimble that I recently purchased.

The thimble is wonderful, as are the finger savers. I appreciated how you too the time to tell my friend and myself about your idea one day and then just getting your husband into the workshop.

I love this product, and feel my new thimble will end my sore fingers. In fact, I took my thimble to my favorite needlework (needlepoint and cross stitch) shop, and the owner could see how useful this thimble would be to me as I push a tapestry needle through a canvas when I have trouble grasping a needle and pulling. This was one of the reasons I purchased it, as well as for quilting.

As I am now afraid to ever be without my thimble, I am enclosing an order for another thimble. My current one now hangs on a ribbon around my neck while sewing so I don�t misplace it. A friend�s husband was kind enough to drill a hole in the handle for me. Even he commented on the strength of the metal and how it sure wouldn�t wear out!

I cannot wait to show this thimble to members of my lace guild. As I also like to dabble in Bobbin lace, this tool will make pushing pins into the pillow a breeze!

Many, many thanks again for your wonderful invention. This is indeed one of your most satisfied customers.


Jenohn K.
San Pedro, CA

Dear folks �

Thanks for the quick service. That was great. I will pass the loose samples (of Finger Savers) on to the members of the Pinckney Quilting Sisters � we will probably be ordering more! They are truly a life (finger) saver � I am very happy with them.

Thanks again,

Betty W.
Pinckney, MI

A very good friend of mine knows I�m a beginner at quilting and gave me your Quilting Thimble last week. It is incredible! It took me all of one hour to get comfortable using it. What a fantastic idea.

I tried and tried but could never use the traditional thimble. After one night of quilting, I needed three nights for my fingers to heal. This tool is amazing and I would like to order another for myself (as a spare) as well one for my friend (also having thimble problems).

Thank you for this great invention.

Gracemarie B.
Inverness, FL


Thanks for you rapid response. I had decided that if I ran out of your Finger Savers, I would have to give up quilting. The other finger pads are just not enough protection for me.

Thank you again,

Ermini G.
Honolulu, HI

I am writing in regard to your product �Finger Savers�. I was fortunate to overhear someone talking about them and was able to purchase a package. I have very little feeling in my index finger because of a nerve injury as a child, and I have often poked myself with a needle until I bled. Finger Savers have made it possible for me to quilt longer with no injury.


Beverly C.
Corunna, MI

Dear Jean,

I bought your Quilting Thimble in April at the quilt show in Lancaster, PA. It�s wonderful! After 8 years of quilting, I�m finally able to make very small consistent stitches. Thank you for a great idea!

Yvonne W.
Huntingdon, PA

Dear Mrs. Adkins,

Your thimble is just great! I showed my daughter-in-law how I use it. Needless to say, I now need another thimble.

Many thanks for many hours of happy quilting.

Yours truly,

Marianna C.
Kingsland, GA

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